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Complete perfect check
up for tires currently in service

A team made up of engineers and technicians test a sample of the customer’s tires through a complete check up (tire pressure, pattern depth, apparent defects and tire load) to assess the maintenance level.

Complete perfect check up for tires out of service

Tires that are no longer in use give us a clear picture about the lifetime of a tire By knowing why the tire is no longer in service we would be able to suggest possible solutions to increase the lifetime of the coming tires.


Our team writes quarterly reports every year that includes everything that has to do with the performance of the tire, the level of maintenance and the plan for the upcoming quarter.

Offering a number of services through its specialized engineers in the tires batteries field.

Reducing the yearly budget for tires through improving tire maintenance programs.

Choosing the right mix that services our client with the true needs.

Continues check ups and follows ups to assure the safety and maximum mobility performance.